Don’t be scaredI’ve done this beforeShow me your teeth Lady Gaga, “Teeth” It’s a strange sensation to read a romance novel immediately upon finishing a horror novel. It lends a certain otherworldliness to the romance. Sentence structures are completely different, the point of a paragraph so at odds with each other. I keep waiting for … More Teeth

Tables Turned

I haven’t written any cooperative stories in a while now. Back when I was still on Improbable Island, I was writing there as often as I could manage. Which turned out to be almost every day. As I’ve mentioned before, it was a transformative experience. Let me wax poetic a bit about it. I wasn’t … More Tables Turned


I’m a big fan of live chamber music: string quartets, violin and harpsichord sonatas, baroque symphonies. If you are at all interested in music, I highly recommend going to a performance. There are far worse ways to spend a few hours than giving a couple of bucks to a local musician (such performances are usually … More WWGWD?

Tears Of Joy

I am marking this day in my calendar. Today is the day that I officially declare the first draft of Fixit to be done. My first (completed) novel. I think I’m in shock. I know I’m crying, and they’re tears of joy. What a relief! Proof positive at long last that I can embark on … More Tears Of Joy


As I was taking my lunch break today, I sat my phone up on the table and went over to YouTube. I do that a lot when I’m on lunch break. I’ll tune in to any one of a number of streams, but today’s was an old favorite: Primitive Builders. You know them, right? They … More Define:Fiction

Sour Worms

I always feel a little odd when a character I’m writing ‘speaks’ to me. The sad part about having dissociative episodes (thanks to my good ol’ PTSD) is that I tend to look at such characters askance. I sure as hell overanalyze them and it takes a while for me to let go long enough … More Sour Worms