What’s going on inside my mind? Here’s a taste.

Bloody Chrysalis

My first published piece!

A personal essay about coming to terms with being non-binary.

Part of the anthology Trans Bodies, Trans Selves 2


When archaeologist Dr. Greg Stevenson made an occult bargain, his body became host to the resurrected spirit of a 16th century saint. Now he roams the world, seeking justice. Seeking peace. Seekingā€¦Salvation

A 10-episode podcast featuring Saint Gregory the Lesser. Follow his adventures around the world as he tries to clean up the mess left by the newly-freed Lord Of Madness, Dysaldr.


Vector: A Supernatural Legend

Dysaldr, the Lord Of Madness, remains at large and it’s up to his last priest, the immortal Traveler, to confront his lord and put a stop to the chaos.

Unfortunately, the Traveler is M.I.A., the last priestess of Dysaldr has been found murdered in New York City, and Dysaldr is leaving some kind of disease in his wake – for which there seems to be no cure.

Can Saint Gregory (just call me Greg, thanks) find the Traveler, solve the murder, and put a stop to the Curse Of Chaos before it becomes a virulent plague?

A novel of the Traveler


Fixit: A Supernatural Legend

Thomas has just been fired from his job. But that isn’t the bad news: he’s also been found by a vengeful spirit who wants to use him – and a few other innocent souls – in some kind of evil ritual.

Enter the Traveler, immortal last priest of an ancient (and largely unknown) deity. With a resurrected saint by his side, it’s up to him to save his adopted city from corruption.

A novel of the Traveler

In draft

The Mad Genius

Rome, A.D. 75.

A very strange man is imprisoned in a luxurious cell in Nero’s compound. This man receives visitors of high class and rank, writes letters to large groups of people all across the Roman Empire, and espouses the bizarre belief that he was canonized in his mother’s womb and that a dead man gave him a mission to save the world.

The Traveler has been ordered by his lord and master to convert this obvious madman, Saul of Tarsus, to the cult of Dysaldr.

But how is he supposed to do that when he’s imprisoned in the cell next door?

A novella of the Traveler