Don’t be scaredI’ve done this beforeShow me your teeth Lady Gaga, “Teeth” It’s a strange sensation to read a romance novel immediately upon finishing a horror novel. It lends a certain otherworldliness to the romance. Sentence structures are completely different, the point of a paragraph so at odds with each other. I keep waiting for … More Teeth

Black On Black

How many times do we take for grantedSimple things that make life sweet?Enraptured by material longingsWe miss the pointWe need to know, to seeBeyond your being and in the void lies the meaning Sanctuary, “Long Since Dark” I lost a friend today. I didn’t know that they were a friend until now. I thought they … More Black On Black

Tables Turned

I haven’t written any cooperative stories in a while now. Back when I was still on Improbable Island, I was writing there as often as I could manage. Which turned out to be almost every day. As I’ve mentioned before, it was a transformative experience. Let me wax poetic a bit about it. I wasn’t … More Tables Turned


I’m a big fan of live chamber music: string quartets, violin and harpsichord sonatas, baroque symphonies. If you are at all interested in music, I highly recommend going to a performance. There are far worse ways to spend a few hours than giving a couple of bucks to a local musician (such performances are usually … More WWGWD?

Tears Of Joy

I am marking this day in my calendar. Today is the day that I officially declare the first draft of Fixit to be done. My first (completed) novel. I think I’m in shock. I know I’m crying, and they’re tears of joy. What a relief! Proof positive at long last that I can embark on … More Tears Of Joy