(AKA: Alternate Reality Gaming)

It isn’t enough to just read the stories. You want to live them, play in their lovely little nooks and crannies. And I can’t blame you, because that’s what I do all the time.

The Bike Game

A true Alternate Reality Gaming experience. Treasure hunting. Dragnets. Exploring the great unknown. Get lost in the world you think you know.

In development

Street Lights

The Painted Corner – FATE Core Setting

The FATE Core System is an amazingly flexible, highly adaptable storytelling RPG machine. This adaptation allows you to make characters and scenarios in Haunted Wilmington.

In development

The Nexus – An Interactive Fiction Experience

Hearken back to the days of Infocom and MUDs. Explore a text-based experience set in the full-on weirdness of the Liminal City.

In development

Come play in my worlds.