About Regan Ryder

An enby in the making, a traveller in the world, and a lover of the weird and fantastic; I favor the Oxford comma, the semi-colon, and bacon. Curiosity is fun.

Pronoun: ono (It’s a Russian word, not Yoko.)

E-Mail: ReganRyder [at] tutanota [dot] com

Fiction In The Twilight

I’ve been a movie theatre usher, a janitor, a retail manager, and a librarian. But I’ve always been a voracious reader. And I have always been writing things; learning the craft of writing without the benefit of having a story I thought I needed to tell.

And then came “Bloody Chrysalis,” and my world changed forever. Aside from physical and sociological changes, I had stories, ideas, games…all flowing and needing expression.

Apparently, I’ve had stories to tell for a long time, I just didn’t realize it until recently. The things that are spiraling out of my head and onto the page are surrealist, supernatural, and horror fiction.

I’m also a big fan of immersive experiences, particularly the liminal kind – things that blur the line between the waking world and the dreaming world.

Alternate reality gaming. Treasure hunts like The Secret, the Golden Owl, and Masquerade. Geocaching. Things that make me want to get out in the world and find cool stuff.

There are things of mine out there in the world to be found. Maybe you’ll have as much fun finding them as I have had making them.