The Breaking

So, I may have mentioned before that I play this game called Improbable Island. May have mentioned my character, Emwyn. (Pssst. I did. I really did. Use the archive. Make me feel good.)

But this morning, I attempted something I’ve never done before: I wrote a poem while in character. It was a very interesting exercise, and I’m rather fond of the result:

You told me many things
And I believed you because I wanted them to be true
You sold me lies disguised with wings
I saw you through rose-tinted glasses, when I should have been looking through blue

Clear, you said you’d be
The secrets were manifold
How easily you made a fool out of me
It took losing you to make me bold

Three of us, you said
Well, I just met number two
And both of us are lucky we aren’t dead
The third remains hidden…I wonder who…

You gave her the power to destroy me
Yet she forbore, leaving me to destroy myself
I obliged, my will was free
A rush of power, a peal of thunder, and the skies knew my hell

She, the Breaker, used your Vanishing Act unawares
Shredding forest, jungle, sand, and water
Taking on the eyes of Chance, believing you to have her best interests at heart, her cares
Wrapped safely in your protection, not your monster

When the powers cleared, the blasted field remained
Both contenders puzzled, frightened, alone in their memories of you
One ran, truly vanishing, but feeling maimed
The other broke, shredding herself as she used to do

Your lies run deep, your betrayals mount
The longer you run, the more enemies you make
The more bridges you burn, the more pain pours from the fount
Today is the day my soul I retake

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