Fiction And Reality

There is a point, coming soon, where I will begin to post things here on my blog that are going to blur the lines between the real and the unreal. In an attempt to get my work to people in the liminal sense I want it, things will appear in this space that are constructs of fiction.

I want to warn you, gentle reader, because in this time of uncertainty and isolation, it is very important to know where the boundaries lie – they’re the only way we have to define our space. And I don’t want to end up like Mercedes Lackey and have hooded weirdos making death threats against my family and friends because of something I’ve written; because the hooded weirdos don’t know how to come back up for air in reality.

But, as you saw in my post about the liminal, I like to blur those lines. It makes for some amazing surrealism. So how to tell what is “real” from what is “unreal?”

As of now, I’m not planning to make a secret mark or other notation on a post that would let a reader know that it isn’t “real.” I’m willing to bet that the change in tone or style will be a giveaway. I may revisit this if things start getting real-life weird. But, for now, I want to play.

I hope you want to play, too.

Just remember to come up for air every once in a while.

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