It’s Been Too Long

(and I’ve been putting out fires with gasoline.
Listening to plenty of David Bowie. Sorry for the bad reference)

Yeesh! It’s been a month since I wrote something. That’s bad news.

But between being cooped up inside (it rained here for almost two weeks straight) and the soul-deadening effect working from home is still having on me, creative posts have been hard to come by.

Oh, and did I mention my computer blew the *&%!! up?!

Yeah. Working away on it one day (actually, playing Morrowind, if you want the real scoop) and I heard this pop! noise come from the laptop. The screen went dark and the power light went out.

I punched at the power button. Nothing. I looked around behind the PC and the light was still on for the power source. I punched the power button a few more times. Then I flipped it over…and smelled burned circuitry.

Once a computer, it’s now more of a very large paperweight.

So I did the research and found what my next computer is going to be. But it isn’t yet available in the US (c’mon #ASUS, get the Zephyrus G14 over to the States on the pronto! I got work to do, man!). In the meantime, a borrowed laptop from the office (that I cannot trust to do anything without spying on me) and a Bluetooth keyboard for my ancient tablet and I can kinda, sorta do writing.

The novel is stalled, but now seems to be the perfect time to work on the podcast.

And so it is.

Never written a script before. Wish me luck!

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